SZN 1 Episode 4 of the It's a MNDSET Podcast is Live

MNDSET Podcast Episode Cover (5).png

If you listened to the last episode then you have been waiting for today as we finish the rest of the #TCOYboys conversation. What started as a group chat between 4 guys has turned into a brotherhood where each care for each other as much as they care for themselves. As @allenmduarte and @lj_delahera sit down with the rest of the MNDSET fam in @adrianfat and @javmilian, join in on the conversation as they bring their group chat to life. If you have a second please be sure to hit that subscribe button and leave us a review, Team MNDSET would greatly appreciate it! We hope you enjoy and remember... it's a MNDSET!⠀

Allen Duarte