SZN 1 Episode 1 of the It's a MNDSET Podcast is Live

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The "It's a MNDSET Podcast" is back and better than ever as we relaunch the show and open up 2019 with SZN 1. Join the co-founders of the MNDSET brand, Allen and LJ, as they dive into a deep conversation answering "9 Questions to Ask Yourself before 2018 is over" that was brought up by sports psychologist Justin Sua. The two best friends completely open up for what is to be an inspiring episode as they end the show with each of them sharing their biggest goals for 2019. If you have a second please be sure to hit that subscribe button and leave us a review, Team MNDSET would greatly appreciate it! We hope you enjoy and remember... it's a MNDSET!

Allen Duarte